Mint Crisp Bar

Our delicious mint bar is back. Dark choc covers a delicious puffed rice bar with peanut butter, honey, cocoa and mint oil. (GF/DF)


"Bounty" Bar

Our version of a classic! Dessicated coconut, ground almond, maple, coconut oil and dark choc - only 5 ingredients. (GF/DF/Vegan)


Oat Cookie Sandwich

A delicious chewy cookie sandwich made with GF oats and sweetened with honey. Filled with our delicious homemade caramel swiss meringue buttercream. (GF)


Vegan Banoffee Pot

Glutenfree peanut biscuit base, topped with our rich date caramel, fresh banana and coconut cream to finish it off. Serves two (or one!!)


Hummingbird Cake

A beautifully moist spelt cake, with pineapple, pecan and banana. Topped with sweetened cream cheese with a hint of orange.


Vegan Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Delicious cashew, dark chocolate and maple biscuit cake with peanut cookie, cranberries and raisins.



Vegan Turmeric Breakfast Cookie

Energy boosting and Anti Inflammatory! This vegan cookie is nutritious and substantial for breakfast. Made with banana, chia, gf oats and ground almond, sweetened with maple and molasses and with a kick of spices (turmeric, cinnamon and ginger)


Vegan Maple & Pecan Blondie

Chickpeas, Peanut Butter, Pecans and Maple Syrup & Dates to sweeten. These are fudgy, nutty and decadent!


Peanut & Tahini Cookie with Hazelnut Chocolate Filling

A deliciously nutty cookie made with spelt with our 3 ingredient version of "Nutella"

(Vegan, DF, Eggfree)



A bean brownie sandwich with salted caramel whey protein buttercream



Date Caramel Slice

Cashew butter spelt biscuit base, topped with date caramel and a dark chocolate and coconut oil topping. This is so luscious
(Vegan, DF, Eggfree)


Protein Brekkie Muffin

Eggs, olive oil, whey protein and as much oats as a bowl of porridge make this a great on the go breakfast - flavours vary


Dotey Loaf - Banana Linseed & Walnut

Our dotey banana bread is super filling. Made with eggs, oats and linseed and honey to sweeten. (DF)


Bean Brownie OR Berry Blondie

Brownies made with kidney beans! Blondies made with butterbeans! Made with whey protein, either 100% cocoa or raspberries, honey to sweeten. These are such a virtuous treat (GF/Eggfree)


Protein Flapjack (Coffee Walnut)

Made with oats, almonds and added whey protein for an extra boost these are so good with a coffee and are a substantial on-the-go breakfast


Bean Brownie Granola Box

Toasted oats, flaked almond, hazelnuts, pecans and cocoa. With honey, mixed dried fruits and nuts and our protein ball clusters. Delicious on top of yoghurt or just with milk


Protein Energy Balls

Choose from:
Crunchy Peanut

Cashew & Cranberry

Hazelnut Latte

Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Mint
Cinnamon Raisin (GF)

Vanilla Almond (GF)

Chocolate Orange (GF/DF)

Fruit & Nut (GF/DF)

Very Nutty (DF)

Bulk Buy 20 Balls for €30

€1.80 each

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All products subject to change due to availability of seasonal fruits etc.
All items available at Mahon and Douglas Farmers Markets & the Bakeshop

Drop us a facebook message or fill out an order form located in the Order Tab and we can have your order ready for you at the market!


If you have any dietary concerns our allergen information is available by clicking the Bean Brownie logos below

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